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The Cider Farm
Deirdre Birmingham and John Biondi ۰ 7258 Kelly Rd., Mineral Point, WI 53565
608-219-4279; deirdre@TheCiderFarm.com 

Full-Time Orchard Positions 

About The Cider Farm
• We are an expanding, organically managed apple orchard growing specialty apples to make The Cider Farm apple brandy and ciders. Both products are made under contract off-farm.   
• We have been grafting and purchasing trees. About 9000 trees are in the orchard and 3000 are in the tree nursery. We will expand to at least 20,000 trees within five years.
• We are reclaiming over 60 ac of timberland from invasive species.
• We are establishing 35-acres of prairie, windbreaks, and pollinator habitat adjacent to orchard blocks.
• Our farm hosts research and educational initiatives. 

• Ability to appropriately balance speed and quality of work. 
• Strong verbal communication skills and ability to follow directions, particularly regarding safety.
• The work is very physical and outdoors. You must be able to frequently lift 30 to 50 lbs.; to bend and squat for work at the tree base; to run weedwackers.
• Experience in horticultural production is desired, while previous orchard work is a plus. Mechanical skills are highly desired. Experience managing others is a plus; the right person could move into managerial responsibilities.

The work is diverse and changes from week to week, if not day to day. Work includes, but is not limited to: 
• Graft apple and pear trees.
• Move or erect deer fencing. 
• Dig out and plant trees.
• Water and stake or trellis trees. Attach trees to stakes or trellising. 
• Prune trees. Apply limb spreaders and other tree training devices.
• Apply or remove tree guards.
• Weeding - Hand weed and operate a weedwacker cautiously around trees or electric fencing.
• Assist with prairie burns. Sow cover crop or prairie seed.
• Apply hay mulch or horse manure.
• Monitor for disease and insect pests.  
• Spray trees with NOP-approved materials with a backpack sprayer. 
• Harvest apples.
• Help with, if not manage, apple pressings keeping track of varieties and amounts pressed. 
• Spray garlic mustard in early spring or late fall with herbicide. Hand-pull garlic mustard at other times. 
• Clean small and large equipment.

Dates and Times of Work
• February through November, weather permitting, Monday through Friday. A few weekends, if needed.

• Starting wage depends on experience and qualifications and ranges from $8 to $15 per hour. 
• Hourly wage can be adjusted pending work performance and length of service.
• Orchard management opportunities available for the right person. 

To Apply
• Send a cover letter, resume, as well as three employer references by email to deirdre@theciderfarm.com
New Paragraph
Hobart Mixer For Sale - Listed 9/4/17

20 qt. Hobart mixer (A-200). It comes with new bowl and all mixing attachments. It also comes with vegetable/cheese shredder. Great shape. $1200.00 

Todd Haakinson (Hawk’s Orchard)
608 751-2906
Giant 12 Foot Diameter Pie Equipment - Listed 7/19/17

Giant (12-Foot Diameter) Pie Equipment
All Equipment Needed to Make a 12-Foot Diameter Pie: $2,000 or Best Offer.
Use this pie to promote your business or partner with others as a fundraiser. For example, this pie has been a very successful fundraiser for the Prescott Lions Club as well as providing opportunities for a lot of good publicity. (See attached press release.)
6-Foot Long Wedge Pans (8)
When assembled, these eight 6-foot long pans can be used to produce a 12-foot diameter pie.
Where did the idea come from to bake a 12-foot diameter pie?
· It had been done before by the Wisconsin Apple Growers Association.
· After years of gathering dust, giant pans used to bake the pie fell into disuse when the bakery that partnered with WAGA closed its doors. After all, it wasn’t easy to find an oven large enough to accommodate a 12-foot diameter pie.
· Herdie Baisden stepped up to the plate when Anna Maenner, brought the giant pans to a meeting and asked for the best offer. Herdie Baisden’s was the only offer.
Customized Oven
· Standing about 2 feet high, when assembled, the roughly 12-foot square oven looks nothing like a traditional household appliance.
· Made of a metal frame, insulation and glass, the oven is a redesigned a pig roaster with the same type of heating system.
· Apart from the cost of materials, 20 hours of work were spent designing the oven and 100 more hours building it, he said.
Flatbed Trailer
The oven and pans are stored, used, and transported on an 8 x 30-foot flatbed trailer. 
Selling all as a unit. $2,000 or best offer
herdie@maidenrockapples.com 612-618-0512

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