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WI Dept. of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Prot.
Food Safety Data Sheets (WI DATCP)
USDA NRCS EQIP for Apple Growers
Wisconsin Pest Bulletin
Wisconsin DATCP On-Line Information of Pesticides
USDA's National Ag. Statistics Service home page
U.S.D.A. Market News
U.S.D.A. Grading Standards (PDF File)
5 A Day Program
Wisconsin Farm Technology Days


General Home Pages dealing with Tree Fruits
Eco-Label Website
The Virtual Orchard
Penn State Tree Fruit Production Guide
West Virginia University tree fruit page
University of Massachusetts fruit home page
Cornell Tree Fruit Information
University of California - Fruit & Nut Tree Research and Information Center
NC-140 Regional Rootstock Trial
NE-183 Regional Cultivar Trial
Extoxnet Extension toxicology network. A source of information about pesticide toxicity


Newsletters and publications
Scaffolds newsletter Cornell University
Good Fruit Grower magazine
UW tree fruit Extension publications

Fruit Notes  University of Massachusetts
Illinois Fruit and Vegetable Newletter
Facts for Fancy Fruit   Purdue University


UW Fruit Specialists and Information
UW Dept. of Horticulture home page
Fruit Pathology Home page
UW Dept. of Entomology home page
Pesticide Use Reduction Project - UW CIAS
Eco-Apple Project - UW CIAS

Weather Sites

Weather from the UW-Madison Soils Dept.
Includes data for apple scab prediction

The Weather Channel
Wisconsin forecast

Underground weather
Another commercial weather site

Affiliated Associations
US Apple Association
International Dwarf Fruit Tree Association
Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation

Foods & Tourism  
Wisconsin Agriculture Tourism Association
Savor Wisconsin - Wisconsin Producers Listing
Fruits & Vegetables - Cooking and Cuisine
Good Agricultural Practices Cornell Univ.
FDA Bad Bug Book


Orchard Map

It's easy to find an apple orchard in Wisconsin! CLICK HERE to request your Orchard Map!

Check our Orchard Listings Online or pick up a Map to find an orchard near you. Apple varieties and related products that a market sells are also listed. 


Bite into a crunchy apple while checking out all the Apple Facts on this web site!

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